Beauty Woman

Is there something more beautiful, seductive and subtle than the beauty of a woman on this planet? Only women awaken in men the spirit of rivalry and adventurism, only they can turn the sugary guy into a real male, always and everywhere seeking their own, only they are the strongest motivator on the way to success, and only they make life colorful and only they can make men really happy! These beautiful creatures were described by poets, painted by artists and philosophers tried to understand them. They fought for women to the death in tournaments and duels! There are examples in the history when gorgeous ladies could make men so drunk and dizzy that for her insane acts were committed. One of such examples was the story of Cleopatra, the passionate queen allowed anyone who wanted to spend an unforgettable night of love with her. The price for such pleasure was the life of a lover after the night with her: their heads were cut off. What is most surprising is that there were an incredible amount of people willing to make such a deal.

If you are a true esthete, owner of exquisite taste, if you know how to appreciate a woman, her beauty, charm and intelligence, then you are definitely our client. In our royal Eden, you will see only the best of the best and be sure to choose for yourself a muse that will emphasize your special status at any kind of events, from business negotiations to visiting social events and traveling together, or simply helping to brighten up the moments of leisure, and maybe inspire you to the most real feats, achievements or just beautiful actions. It is not a secret for anyone that nothing else can call the attention to the dignity and status of a business man as an accompaniment of dazzling beauty.

If it were not for the young charmer, goddess and nymphet, mature matron and embarrassing clever, men would not have thought of how best and fastest to spend money and use the attributes of power. Historical facts show that every gentleman who was caressed by fortune, money and power of a man had a tender creature nearby — a muse that inspired him and served as a delight in moments of leisure. Let us draw parallels, and we can easily derive the identity: the ancient heteras, medieval courtesans and geisha are modern girls working in the field of escort. They are both young and wise, innocent in heart and damn seductive externally. They are outspoken and lively, easy-going and open to experiments.